Sunday, December 16, 2007

Whose laughing now

Ok, so I finally made it to the Internet Cafe and the connection is so much better than in Kampala. Of course, this would be the day that I don't have my USB drive with me to put pictures on here. So here is my promise to you, you keep reading and I PROMISE to put photos on here next time I come. Even if I have to sit here for hours, I will have pictures for you. Because, really...the point of a blog is to see pictures. No one wants to sit here and read...they want to see photos.

We finally made it to Masaka and have been working very hard. Most of the time we get to the school about 9 in the morning and make it home by about 8 pm. The internet closes at 9 so we don't usually have time. But we called it a day much earlier today. We have been working hard to get the projects up and running. Luckily we have much to do and so we are busy. We are all doing well and no one is sick. I was worried because it is an adjustment getting used to the food, but everyone seems to be making the transition very well.

A little background for you. We have to take four seperate roads to get to the school. Two of them are paved and two aren't. Since it is the rainy season, the roads that aren't paved tend to get really muddy. You might see where I am going with this. One night we were leaving the school and our 14 passanger van got stuck in the mud! We couldn't get out. We pushed and pushed and pushed. Then some locals came running and we still couldn't get out. The next thing that happend was really funny. Ok side in Africa there are four ways to get around walking, bicycles, motorcyles and vans. Now the vans are top notch and the bicycles are the end of the totem pole. Ok back to the here we are stuck in the mud with our top notch van and here comes a bicycle man walking past us. Our driver asks him for help and he starts laughing...and as he past he just said "look whose laughing now". It was all we could do to keep from laughing. So funny!

One more funny story and I better call it a day....a few of us went to town to check out the price and design of windows. One of those in our party stopped off at the Internet Cafe to talk about getting wireless installed at the school. After we were done with our errands we stopped by the Cafe but Roger was gone. So we drove to the hotel thinking he went back there. (again with the side in Uganda if you see a white person you call them just means white man...we get called it a lot). We we go to the hotel and one of the Africans who was with us walked with me into the hotel and asked the receptionist, "have you seen our Muzungu?". I died with laughter. That would never work in the US. You could never walk in somewhere and ask if they had seen our white man. But it works here.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. All is going well and God willing we will get everything done on time. time...PHOTOS!!!


Holli said...

I love that last story about the Muzungu. I think I would've died laughing too. That was great!
So are the rains pretty crazy this season? If I remember right, it only rained a few times we were there in July and it was great.

Alexis said...

The rain hasn't been bad. In fact we haven't gotten any rain at all. It is so HOT here. So much hottter then when we were here in July. I can hardly stand it!