Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I'll find you a nice bush

Melissa holds Patrick carefully in her arms. Patrick was brought to the orphange about 2 weeks ago. As you can see his current condition isn't great. He is severly mal-nuturioused and in need of clothes that actually fit him. At 10 months of age, Patrick can hardly do things that a 10 month old should be able to do. The nuns are posititve that his health will be able to improve and he will be ok in a few months time.

Well I hope that everyone has enjoyed the Christmas holiday. I know that we as a team have enjoyed it very much. I mean, what could be better than sleeping in a tent?

We left Kampala at 9:00 am on Christmas eve and drove to Murchison Falls. It took us about 6 hours. After about 2.5 hours and still 1.5 hours until we stopped for lunch, most of the team needed a bathroom stop. Being the team leader, I spoke up and asked Violet if she would ask the drive to stop at the next petrol station so we could us the bath room. She asked, but he just chuckled. He then said, "we won't find a petrol station until we stop for lunch, but how about a nice bush". We just had to laugh and say ok. Sure enough he did find us a nice bush to use. It was away from all the people and off the road a bit. I guess we could have tried to make money, have the locals pay to watch the muzungu's try to squat with out getting themselves wet.

Once we were at the Falls it was wonderful. I can't think of a better way to spend the season. We were out in the open with God's creatures. We had a great encounter with the girafees and elephants...once, I download the photos from the safari I will have to tell you about the elephant. It was a great story, but one that needs photos.
I don't feel like there is much to blog about this time around. The first photo came on really quickly, but then I started to have problems. So I might have to call it quits. Until next time.

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