Monday, December 10, 2007

We made it!

Sorry, no pictures today. I haven't had time to down load any yet. I just wanted to write really quick and let you know that we made it. Here are some things that I learned on our flight. l

1. Delta sucks! We didn't get any movies from SLC to had to "rent" them for $5. That is out of control. Needless to say, I didn't sleep and therefore was extremely bored. I think most of us on the flight were.

2. Don't eat the pasta. We all had chicken on the flight from JFK to Amsterdam...all of us except one (who shall remain anonymous to protect their identity) and that person got sick. Now we can't tell if they were sick prior to the flight or got something from the food...but considering they were the only one to eat the pasta...doesn't look good for pasta.

3. KML or was it KLM airlines are pretty was good, movies were good and they gave us ice cream. Of course, since I wasn't sleeping and everyone else was..i was the only one to partake of this goodness.

4. It doesn't matter how small the vehicle is...Africans can make everything work! We got 14-50 lbs suitcases, 7 personal carry ons, and 12 people in one 14 passenger van. i didnt'think we were going to make it...but we did.

5. No matter how long you have been traveling, when you want a hot shower...a cold one is a mighty big disappointment.

ok that is all for now. The internet is acting shady. So I don't want to lose what I have written. Until next time.

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