Monday, November 26, 2007

Meeting the team

Hello everyone, and welcome to our new blog. We are members of the student chapter of Engineers Without Borders at Utah State University. Now, just because we are members of EWB-USU doesn't mean that we are all engineering students. We are all studying a wide variety of subject and hope that all our knowledge will help those people we are going to work with.

EWB-USU has four student teams currently working on projects throughout the world. We have two teams focusing their efforts in Peru (one in Northern Peru and one in Southern Peru), a team working in Mexico and then our team in located in Uganda Africa. We are really excited about the work that EWB-USU is doing and hope that you enjoy learning more.

Please stay tuned as we update this blog on all of our efforts and work that will be done while we are in Africa. Please realize that internet is going to be a little spotty, but we will update the blog whenever we have a chance. So please feel free to comment on photos or whatever you would like.
Dr. Bill Grenney, Shannon Moore, James Dyer, Melissa Bambrough and Alexis Cooper.


Holli said...

Hurray for those traveling this December!!! You guys rock!

jaycie said...

you are so irritating! you just left, and i'm so mad. i was mostly sad, but then i noticed that i'm a call-in twice in one week! you should stop that. i live the furthest away, thus i'm the dumbest call-in choice. they need to stop! but i love you! and hope you are being good and having so much fun!
you friend,