Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away!!

Well it poured last night and it rained this morning and then it drizzled this afternoon. Remember us mentioning the roads before!? They are all muddy and filled with pot holes...? Well despite the rain everything went according to schedule. We ate breakfast at the regularly scheduled time and then the Taxi showed up also. Some of the workers had called for a ride up in our Taxi because their bota bota's wouldn't make it up to the school. Well the mini van taxi would right!?

Well imagine going 4-wheeling or digging in the mountains of Cache Valley in a rear wheel drive mini van after a big rainstorm. Ha ha ha. Needless to say those in the van were in for a big adventure. The ride was described as completely scare the whole way and the team members were thrown to and fro and side to side the whole time. Then the van spun out of control and slid to a 90 degree angle and blocked the whole road. The more the driver tried to get out the more the van gut stuck. LOL. I don't think the Africans are used to this type of driving. No Good. The men and the workers got out and pushed the van and finally got it back onto the road and the day continued and the work progressed. But the ride was not soon forgotten. It was a highlight of the day.

The doctor's office has come far in the last couple days. The work has begun and a door has been knocked out and framed. Right now the kids that are sick are seen by the doctor and then sent back to their dormitories or classrooms that they sleep in. But an infirmery room has begun so that the sick kids will have a place to stay without contaminating the other kids. Shelves are going to be put in and then hopefully we will get some beds for the infirmery also. I think the minor mishaps are the many times Christa happens to hit her hand instead of the nails that she is trying to nail into the Eucalyptus wood. She has given herself a blood blister from hitting herself so hard but has anyone else tried nailing Eucalyptus wood? Whew!

A sweater was finished and it fits little Kesekende. We are so excited about it since it is the first sweater that we have done and a trial sweater but it actually looks good! Hurray! We started teaching the nuns and they are on their way to make their very first one also.

All the other projects are going well. The kids love their new playground toys, the staff loves the internet, and the dormitory is looking great. The library is still waiting for its shelves but as always, we love spending time with the kids. Evan is enjoying tricking them by pointing at nothing and having them all look over and over, the kids continue to ask Jen to study with her, Kesekende still goes nowhere without the hand of Bethany (or BK as he calls her), and today a group of kids took Jen & Lorna to the fish pond where they sang and danced and boy I was amazed by the talent and skill that these kids have! They are amazing!!! All of this is so worth it because these kids deserve so much!


Faye said...

Kasekende!! What a cutie! I'm glad you are having so much fun with all the children! That is what it's all about!

Alexis said...

Oh my little son!!! He is so cute and so big. I'm glad he has someone who can hold his hand since I'm not there. Man I miss that kid. Enjoy your time when you can't go back.